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Dental Service

Welcome to Practice Without Pressure! I want to introduce you to my son, Marc. He is the reason Practice Without Pressure exists. From a young age, Marc, who has Down syndrome, underwent many tests, procedures and surgeries, most while restrained or in a papoose board. He became so afraid of dentists, doctors and all things clinical that visits became a recurring nightmare for all involved, especially Marc. When he turned 12, I reached a decision: that he would no longer be restrained or sedated to receive care. However, I had a problem. There were no alternatives. So I created them. Through what is now the PWP Practice Model™, Marc became strong where he had once been afraid and now faces procedures, both old and new, calmly and with confidence. He taught me a lesson that is at the heart of what we do: when we presume competence and give people the tools they need to succeed, we raise both expectations and outcomes that enable people to receive routine care without restraints for better health and quality of life. In 2009, PWP took a big step in its evolution when we opened our first Center in Newark, Delaware. Our Center brings our practice, treatment and training under one roof and has validated the benefits of our approach to an expanding client base of individuals, families and professionals. Thanks to Marc and the dedicated staff at PWP, hundreds of people have been helped to receive routine care they avoided or were restrained to receive in the past. I invite you to learn more about our services and why Practice Makes Perfect Sense to us and the people we have been privileged to help.